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Open-mesh update firmware 6.4.3*

6.4.3 (Dec 4, 2017)

New Features:

  • NEW: Client IP addresses reported to CloudTrax.
  • NEW: Prefer 5Ghz 802.11ac meshing, if available.
  • NEW: Firmware upgrade delay reduced and firmware can upgrade when in orphan mode, allowing for faster firmware updates.
  • NEW: BATMAN Mesh Protocol reverted to BATMAN IV, to restore repeater mesh compatibility with 6.3.x firmware.
  • NEW: Bridge multiple SSIDs to LAN. (GUI Coming Soon…)


  • FIX: Bandwidth throttling was not always being applied to some clients, when the SSID was bridged to a VLAN or after a WiFi Scheduling event.
  • FIX: Upload/Download usage reporting could get reversed.
  • FIX: Mesh interface could get set to managed mode, leaving repeaters orphaned.
  • FIX: When Status LEDs were turned off, the LEDs would remain off even during reconfiguration or an error events.
  • FIX: LED may get stuck showing white color.
  • FIX: Channel scan could send incorrect channel values causing Auto channel mode to fail.

Known Issues: 

  • KNOWN ISSUE: Disabled LEDs could turn themselves back on after upgrade.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Layer 7 traffic for wired clients not reported.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: The A42 802.3af port now uses the MAC address shown on the underside sticker, instead of the sticker MAC address +1. This results in a different MAC address being used for DHCP requests compared to 6.4.2/6.4.1.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: AP may report N/A N/A for channels, despite broadcasting correctly.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Named clients can cause malformed JSON, resulting in striped pattern on the outage graph due to check-in failure.

Software getest en ziet er beter uit als 6.4.2.

Ook de Mesh verbinding lijkt weer stabiel te zijn in deze versie.

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