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Open-mesh update firmware 6.4.8 (Mei 10, 2018)


  • NEW: All clients are reported when Application Reporting is enabled, even those with 0 bytes of transfer.


  • FIXED: 5GHz Meshing always uses 80MHz channel width, regardless of CloudTrax channel width settings.
  • FIXED: Unblocked clients that were previously blocked via Manage -> Clients may remain blocked until reboot.
  • FIXED: WPA password may not work on SSIDs set to 2.4GHz or 5GHz only.
  • FIXED: Using Alternate DNS with external splash page may cause “Too many redirects” error.

Known Issues:

  • KNOWN ISSUE: Hostname reported via syslog might report as “lede”, instead of actual hostname.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: CloudTrax may incorrectly report some clients as having a 169.x.x.x IP address.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Roaming VLANs may become re-enabled after reboot, even when they are turned off in CloudTrax.
  • KNOWN ISSUE: The A42 802.3af port now uses the MAC address shown on the underside sticker, instead of the sticker MAC address +1. This results in a different MAC address being used for DHCP requests compared to 6.4.2/6.4.1.

    Noot van JRTsoft
    Bij het in- uitloggen via bv een radius server zien we nog problemen. We hopen dat ze dit binnenkort gaan aanpassen.

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